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Ademco 4204 - Intelligent Relay Board
When your installation requirements call for additional relay outputs,
the 4204 is your answer. The 4204 Intelligent Relay Board adds
relays which are connected to the Control/Communicator via the
control's console wiring. The relay outputs are programmed by the
appropriate control for a variety of functions.

The 4204 is ideal for applications that require additional sounding
devices, strobe lights, 4-wire smoke detector reset or other devices
that need or desire to be controlled by the control panel.

The 4204 is housed in a white plastic case for wall mounting and
can be mounted in a Universal Can. If the 4204 is remotely mounted,
there are provisions to tamper protect the cover, and the unit so that
it cannot be disconnected from the console wiring without detection
be the control.


  • Adds 4 programmable relays to selected VISTA panels
  • Easily wired to control panel
  • Fits inside Universal Control Cabinet
  • Expand existing security systems with additional output
  • Attractive case design
  • Capatible with Vista-10P, Vista-15P, Vista-20P, Vista-50P
    control panels

Installation Manual

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