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GE Security ES-240COE Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Monoxide (CO) alarm specifically developed for use in a monitored
home security system. The unit is designed to the same standards as
CO sensing systems used to protect workers in industrial plants and
hospitals. The ESL 240-COe alarm’s high reliability makes it an ideal
solution for both residential and commercial life safety systems.

The device has a low, 8mA current draw, virtually eliminating the
need for an additional power supply. Its contoured design and small
size allow it to blend well with many residential and commercial

The ESL 240-COE alarm operates on a unique industrial-grade
electrochemical sensor that continuously monitors for CO and is
unaffected by temperature variations. It self-adjusts for temperature
to operate accurately in most weather conditions and also adjusts its
sensitivity throughout its life to operate continually at peak
performance. The sensor communicates with a sophisticated on-
board microprocessor that accurately calculates CO levels and
exposure time. When compared to other popular CO-sensing
technologies, the ESL 240-COE alarm’s electrochemical technology
offers better response time, quicker reset time, and superior false
alarm immunity.

The ESL 240-COE alarm meets UL 2075 and has been evaluated to
the CO alarm sensitivity limits of UL2034, which allows for installation
in a wide variety of applications.


  • End of Sensor Life indicator warns when alarm replacement is
  • TEST/HUSH button makes testing and silencing the alarm
  • 85dBa temporal 4-sounder provides distinctive alarm
  • Low 8mA current draw eliminates need for additional power
  • Exclusive industrial-grade electrochemical technology
    increases reliability
  • Attractive design blends in with any environment

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The carbon monoxide alarm has an ESL 240-COE Series Alarm with
85dB temporal-4 sounder. The carbon monoxide alarm is listed per
UL2075. Each alarm has a draw of 8mA in standby mode and 60mA
in alarm. The alarms are able to be installed in a loop.

The alarm has a TEST/HUSH dual function button that allows the
user to test and silence the alarm. Pressing the TEST/HUSH button
silences the alarm when CO is detected; the alarm continues to
monitor CO levels; and the sounder resumes in 5 minutes if CO is still
present. Pressing the TEST/HUSH button also silences the alarm for
9 hours if the alarm is in trouble mode. When silenced in trouble
mode, the alarm does not reliably monitor CO levels.

The alarm has an end-of-sensor-life status indicator that alerts the
user that it is time to replace the alarm. The LED flashes green every
1-2 seconds and the sounder chirps every 5 minutes. Pressing the
TEST/HUSH button silences the indicator. The indicator reactivates in
36 hours if the alarm is not replaced. When silenced in end of life
status, the alarm does not reliably monitor CO levels.

The alarm performs self-diagnostic and self-test every 2.5 minutes to
ensure proper operation. The alarm also adjusts its sensitivity to
operate continually at peak performance. See installation manual for
complete information on installation and maintenance. The 240-COE
is designed for mounting on a flat wall or ceiling surface.

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