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Glassbreak Sensor Tester
Acoustic Glassbreak sensors, usually mounted on ceilings or walls,
work by "listening" for the sound of breaking glass in a window.  
"Shock" glassbreak detectors are mounted on the window and "feel"
the shock of breaking glass. This kind of advanced wireless
technology can provide shatter and shock protection for your windows,
for often intruders are "sensed" and an alarm sounded while they are
still outdoors. This is often enough to send a burglar running!

FG-701  Glassbreak Sensor Tester
Glassbreak Simulator
  • Compatible with all IntelliSense and ADEMCO brand
    glassbreak detectors
  • Calibrated signal output to allow true range verification
  • Remote test-mode activation - works from 15 ft away*
  • Low battery voice announcement
  • Digitally produced glassbreak sound

*when used with IntelliSense FG1500 and FG-1600 series detectors


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